B2B Platform Examples

//B2B Platform Examples

B2B Platform Examples

Do you want to sign up for the top eCommerce platform solution that will support your B2B business efforts on the Internet? Welcome to the club which is growing all the time. B2B companies, just like B2C companies, have figured out that launching an online store or an eCommerce website is one of the best ways to grow any business. Of course, if you want to witness the best results, you will have to find the best option for your specific business. The smartest move that you can make in order to solve this dilemma is to analyze a few B2B platform examples.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus should always be among the top eCommerce platforms for B2B users. This is the enterprise version of the famous Shopify eCommerce platform. This platform has been used for many years now and it has managed to create a strong base of fans which includes sellers from all over the world. Shopify Plus uses cloud technology and represents a multi-channel solution. With its help, users are able to design and create modern eCommerce websites for B2B activities. As we already said, once the store is published, you can use it for selling goods across many different channels including mobile, web, social media and even in physical stores.


Nexternal may not be as big as Shopify Plus, but this platform is definitely worth considering. Namely, Nexternal eCommerce platform was created by TrueCommerce. The basic idea was to create a platform that will fit the needs of businesses of different sizes. What’s unique about Nexternal is that they are not using a system based on templates. They are here to keep the merchant’s navigation, branding, and website design in place by providing a seamless shopping experience. Many B2B users rely on this platform to create multi-channel orders.


Magento as well as Magento Enterprise Edition are platforms that are considered to be leaders in the eCommerce field. just like Shopify, they are using cloud technology to help B2B as well as B2C users to excel at what they are doing online. The most important thing about Magento is that it comes with a wide range of omnichannel solutions that help sellers to integrate both physical and digital experiences. This is a comprehensive eCommerce solution which is supported by a wide array of international partners. This means that you can expect hassle-free integration with many popular software solutions.

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